A short, retro-styled, action boss battle with animated adult content.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(882 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Erotic, Furry, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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great game!

not bad for my first try

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Took 19:15.

Easily one of the best (porn) games I played on here. Definitely more of a challenging game than casual sexual experience but I fuck wit it. Credit to the animators too they did amazing

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it was very fun, i liked it a lot

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this is better then dibs

I really like this game in concept, pixel art is gorgeous and the mouse being both aim and jump is clever. The boob bounce is satisfying every time and the expressions on the goat demon thing are fantastic. The writing is also quite good. I like this game, and wish there was more stuff like it. However, a few annoyances added up to make me not want to finish it:

single music track, I'm tired of hearing it

scene 3 part 2 feels like it's wasting my time, rather than being a meaningful increase in challenge or new gameplay. I need to get through phase 1, I have maybe a 1 in 3 chance of doing that on full hearts, and it takes about 30 seconds, so each death in scene 3 part 2 wastes about a minute and a half.

The game seems to randomly speed up and slow down, despite having plenty of resources available. I'm not sure why. It's sort of detectable without the music, but very, very audible in the sound playing faster or slower than intended.

I don't think any of these issues are worth fixing, I'd rather see a new project from this dev, I hope they keep making stuff, because this game is full of good ideas, even if the execution on some of the details came up short.

It was pretty fun ngl. The animations were also really good!

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Solid time


Shockingly fun for a porn game

the road to victory is long, but with perseverance I won

Here completed for the second time on laptop! ^^ please make more game

way too hard

Great game! Perfect difficulty level.

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The game is way too hard lol. the hurtbox of the demon is so small and your own hurtbox so big. I think it could have been cool to increase the skill ceiling by adding a way to shoot faster. Other than that, fun mechanic, the game works well.


can someone tell me if there is a cheat code or something. there is no way people are completing this game in 5 min with 0 retries legitimately

fr i have been playing for 10 minutes and still cant go throught the second level



very fun, i wish there was an offline version i could download so i can play this anytime. unlocking a scene gallery at the end of the run was a nice touch. looking forward to more stuff like this

Cute art style, but game is way too hard for me.

2nd try at playing the game and managed to get a much better score than last time

 Too bad there's no cookies on this page.


Did this first try. Might go back for a better score but I am too tired rn


can you make the game easy I'm trying to jerk off not beat dark souls


I honestly want to see more of Cherry Bunny! That's a total Bicon right there! :3c



how do I beat second faze


Is this game small enough to fit in an android






ok i clicked on this game the the adult stuff but you dont want to play this game the the adult stuff the real reason one whuold play this game is the challenge the porn boils down to a plot point or theme then any sort of reward sure its really well made but this game is to hard to well "make me hard" and thats probably intentional as this games difficulty does not seem random or accidental  my basic advice is focus on the bunny butt not the tits as not dieing  and doing damage are hard to do at the same time also you only have 3 hit points the boss has 2 tits and 2 different life bars so its gonna tale some trys i whould love to get more advice like the flame wave has early hit boxes so jump into the gaps sooner than you might think but the reason im on this game in the first place was to play somthing to help me sleep so after not geting a checkpoint after the flame wave im moving on to the next game i wish you poor horny bastards  luck

pro :)

good gaming chair :moai:




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