A short, retro-styled, action boss battle with animated adult content.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(546 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Erotic, Furry, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Once you beat it once, You can easily beat it again. Got it in 3 tries

hard game, but doesn't stand for me B) I really liked it, try to keep it up!

i just cant pass phase 2..so many projectiles and no use on shoot on anything (as far as i noticed) ..what im suppose to do here? i tried also afk shooting at her boobs...no visible effect

very hard

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theres alot of projectiles ngl. 


Was there an update that made the game easier or something? I just beat the game in 13 minutes while barely trying when I remember spending hours on my first time playing trying to get to the 4th phase.

Hi! Can you pls add build for MacOS? And how can I email you? I have some questions I want to discuss with you)


yeah, beating this game was definitely not worth it
while i understand that games like this appeal to alot of people
 my god that final phase was bullshit

great art nonetheless  

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yea, that was like 4 or 5 hour ago, I will try again after I taken a break.

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Worth it.


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Worth the effort, good game


I came here for fap, not for my butt flaming...


beat the game but annoying that once you're done you cant reopen and view the scenes without beating the game again

Does anyone know the engine that xxylas used to develop this game?


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I'm gonna try and 0 hit it.


Not even sure what I'm supposed to hit on level 2

I think I beat someones  record

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A month ago I failed to beat this game... today I learned that you can use your mouse to play instead of the keyboard.

10/10 Would play again


Too difficult for the kind of game it is


git gud

Big W


why is it so hard to play




was worth it

Can you make an Android version?



卧槽终于有个中国 人了






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The art's really cute btw!

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and now i win?

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Not Bad

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Mouse only

very good game heh



Shitty hitbox plus skill issue. Fuck.


try playing with both hands instead of just one


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god that was difficult

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